Welcome, Friends!

We begin a new series this week:  Worry Less, Live More, by Robert J. Morgan. The subtitle of the book is God’s Prescription for a Better Life.  What a great follow-up to our recent study on forgiveness!

From the front flyleaf of the book:  “In Worry Less, Live More, Morgan leads a life-changing exploration of Philippians 4:4-9, the Bible’s premier passage on overcoming anxiety and experiencing God’s overwhelming peace.  By effectively studying and employing these practices, we can unlock the power to erase our anxious thoughts and compose our minds with peace in any situation.  We don’t have to settle for anxiety.  According to Morgan, “We can do better; we can make progress, we can win over worry; and we can move from fretfulness to faithfulness.”

May you begin this journey with the power of the Holy Spirit to prepare for and lead your respective discussions.

Blessings to all,

Debbie Manthe