Greetings, Friends!

Welcome to our new study, “Choosing Forgiveness,” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  Attached is the basic formatted lesson plan for Session 01, and below is a selection from the back cover of the book from which this study is taken.

“Perhaps you still remember the moment—the time of day, the look in the other person’s eye—when you were hurt.  When your hopes and dreams were damaged by someone you trusted.  And since then, your life has been put on hold, sabotaged by harbored resentment, dreams of revenge, or perhaps indifference and numbness.…

“There are no magic words or secret formulas for forgiveness.  But there are biblical principles that can help you break free from bitterness and pain.  In Choosing Forgiveness, celebrated teacher Nancy Leigh DeMoss delves into God’s Word to uncover the promises and expose the myths of forgiveness.  Discover specific strategies for putting God’s grace and mercy into practice—forgiving others as God has forgiven you.”

May you be encouraged as you begin your next journey through the principles of God’s Word.

In His service,

Debbie Manthe