Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus!

We come this week to the start of a new study, “Jesus in the Present Tense”, by Warren W. Wiersbe.  This should be another fascinating adventure as we look at the “I Am” statements of God.  The following is from our study introduction page:  “The way we relate to the Lord determines how He will relate to us” (James 4:8, John 15:5).

This study will help us abide in Christ, bear fruit for Him and know God more richly in the present tense – which is just where He wants us to be (adapted from book back cover).  Again, if you’d like to comparison shop for the book from which this study is taken, visit, and once the book is located click on the “Total” tab to see the lowest prices (rental, new and used are available).

The basic formatted lesson plan is attached.  No additional questions for discussion were included in the book from which this study was excerpted, but as always, the talented Lifeway writers have included extra Discussion Questions  in the margins of our lessons each week if needed.

Blessings to all as you begin to study and share with those you lead,

Debbie Manthe