Ladies and Gentlemen,

We come to our last lesson in the “Compelled” series.  I’ve included the formatted plan with a few additional discussion questions at the conclusion of the lesson once again.  I hope this has been an encouraging study and that you and your class members have been challenged to truly live out the mission of God in your churches and communities.

In our ladies’ class each week I put forth a challenge in the form of practical application or what I call “Put It Into Practice”.  I also include this challenge as part of an announcement sheet that is given to each attendee so they may take it home.  I plan to continue this effort each week as the new lessons allow and look forward to the next MasterWork offerings from Warren W. Wiersbe and Charles H. Spurgeon.

I consult the web site in order to comparison shop for the books from which our studies are excerpted and normally find used copies in excellent condition at a discounted price.  In the coming quarter I believe only Wiersbe’s book is available as Spurgeon’s teachings come from his online sermons that are public domain.

Blessings to all as you study, prepare and facilitate,

Debbie Manthe

August 30 Formatted Teaching Plan