Below are 10 discussion questions for September 28 lesson on Guarding Against Guilt (2 Sam. 12:1-7; Pss. 32; 51). These are in addition to the numerous questions already in the book. Pick the questions that will work best in your group.

• When your children were young, what did you teach them to do when they did something wrong? Why did you teach them to do this?
• Why is it easier to see or deal with other people’s sins than with our own sins?
• Why is it easier to talk about sin in general terms than to be specific?
• What happens when we refuse to confront sin in ourselves? How do we live? What happens to relationships?
• In Psalm 51:1-2, on what basis was David seeking forgiveness?
• Which words of David in Psalm 51 indicate he wasn’t making excuses?
• How does making excuses for sin impact our relationship with God? How does it set us up to sin again and to create more pain? How does it impact our relationships with other people?
• What lessons about forgiveness can we learn from David’s story?
• How should we use the fresh starts God gives to us?
• How should we outwardly celebrate God’s forgiveness in our lives?